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Quarantine lifted...

It looks like our trip to the Loire is back on. Boris has finally seen sense and given the travel industry a bit of a boost and lifeline for the 2020 holiday season. Visiting the stunning Loire Valley is perfect to get away from it all and as La Croix is located in rural countryside on the edge of the Anjou-Loire national forest it really is very easy to stay 'socially distant' whilst enjoying a holiday. We are quite glad we decided to travel via Eurotunnel this time so we don't have to deal with packed airports and planes. It also gives us the opportunity to pack the car with some essentials for the house and garden as we are constantly up dating the house and furnishings where we need to. An empty car on the return journey is always good to stock up on wine to enjoy once we are back home in the UK. We are also taking our bikes over and looking forward to some healthy days cycling along the empty roads and paths and seeing parts of the Loire that you only see when you venture out by bike. I think the plan is to pack up the panniers with a fresh baguette or two, add a bottle of local wine and we will enjoy a picnic along our route somewhere. That's all for now.

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