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On our way…..2022

It’s a while since my last blog post, so sorry about that. We have been busy going on our re-arranged 2020 holidays so have not got over to the Loire yet this year. But at last we are on our way! And what a glorious evening and empty motorway! Well, so far anyway!! This is the M4 as we head down to Portsmouth for the overnight ferry to Caen. We’ve not taken the overnight ferry for a while but are looking forward to a couple of drinks in the bar as we watch the boat leave and then off to the cabin for some sleep for night.

We are really looking forward to getting back to La Croix and see our new extended patio and hedge plants! We are also planning to put up a semi permanent gazebo on the patio as umbrellas have never been that successful as they often end up in the fields if there is a bit of wind! I’ll be posting some photos when all set up and adding to the website gallery so watch this space!

We are taking our bikes over again so hoping to do a bit of cycling while we are there too! The weather has been very hot recently and although the temperatures are still forecast to be high their looks to be a real chance of a storm or two as well. We are hoping we don’t get a repeat of last years mini tornado 🌪

We will also be catching up with friends, doing some essential jobs and just trying to relax as well!

We still have a bit of availability so check our calendar and send us a quick message if you are interested in booking a short break or longer.

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